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New Ninja Hattori 1080p [Hindi, English, Tamil & Telugu] Dubbed English Subbed Episodes Download
Hindi Sub Nick/Sonic Ninja Hattori

New Ninja Hattori 1080p [Hindi, English, Tamil & Telugu] Dubbed English Subbed Episodes Download

Ninja Hattori New Episodes Hindi Dubbed Download, Ninja Hattori 2012 Anime Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download

New Ninja Hattori [Hindi, English, Tamil & Telugu] Dubbed English Subbed Episodes Download

Series Info

Name : Ninja Hattori-Kun

Release Year : 2012

Quality : 1080p Org NF Web-DL and 128 Kbps Org DD 2.0 + Audio

Encoded by: Fully by Knight272

Language: Hindi, English, Tamil & Telugu for Audio and English for Subtitle

Size : 500-600MB (for 1080p)

Ninja Hattori Episode List (2012 Series)

Season 1

Episode 01 – The Great Bargain Sale! / Transformation Isn’t a Child’s Play!

Episode 02 – Everyone Needs Encouragement! / Are You Scared of Mummies?

Episode 03 – Mama’s Mission Fitness! / A Scribbling on Hattori’s Face!

Episode 04 – I’m Going to Papa’s Office! / A Tennis Match Between Kemumaki and Kenichi!

Episode 05 – Shinzou Wants to Help! / It Isn’t Easy to Make Yumeko Happy!

Episode 06 – Where is the Examiner? / Who is the Superhero, Kenichi or Kemumaki?

Episode 07 – A Day Without Electricity! / Dog Versus Cats!

Episode 08 – The Result of Sir’s Homework! / A Customised Cycle!

Episode 09 – Hattori’s Prolonged Hiccups! / Kenichi and His Wish!

Episode 10 – A Tiff Between Shinzou and Hattori! / Enemies or Friends?

Episode 11 – Hattori Revives a Failing Business! / Kenichi Performs Magic Tricks!

Episode 12 – Shishimaru’s Kindness! / Ninja House Contest!

Episode 13 – It Wasn’t as Expected! / Fishing Isn’t an Easy Job!

Episode 14 – Shinzou’s Paper Bird Flying Technique! / Yumeko’s Fashion Show!

Episode 15 – What You Sow Is What You Reap! / Hero to Zero!

Episode 16 – Are the Security Devices Powerful? / Yumeko’s Man of Destiny!

Episode 17 – Hattori Delivery Service! / A Burglar Crow!

Episode 18 – Finding Kenichi’s Lost Watch! / Robert’s Ninja Stumbling Technique!

Episode 19 – Will Hattori Cry? / The Monkey Kingdom!

Episode 20 – Is Papa a Good Carpenter? / Will Kenichi Make it to School on Time?

Episode 21 – The Mitsuba Family is a Ninja Family! / Bowling is Fun!

Episode 22 – An Adventurous Drive to the Amusement Park! / Preventive Injection is a Must!

Episode 23 – A Challenging Golf Tournament! / Playing Hide-and-seek in an Amusement Park!

Episode 24 – A Growing Bird, Mimicky! / The Quiz Contest!

Episode 25 – Honesty is the Best Policy! / The Hot Air Balloon!

Episode 26 – Kenichi’s Tree House! / The Cricket Match!

Season 2

Episode 01 – Red is a Dangerous Colour! / Let’s Catch the Hens Here!

Episode 02 – Overnight Camp is Really Fun! / The Great Escape Strategy!

Episode 03 – Keep Smiling! / The Cake Disappeared Suddenly! Who Ate it?

Episode 04 – Mama is on Strike! / Shishimaru is an Excellent Watchdog!

Episode 05 – Retrieve the Washing! / We Are Going to the Botanical Garden!

Episode 06 – Is Scouting Easy? / Releasing Dad’s Stress!

Episode 07 – Shinzou and the Turtle Egg! / Defeating Hattori-kun!

Episode 08 – Respect the Food! / Keeping an Eye on Yumeko!

Episode 09 – Kenichi’s Jogging Training! / Kiyo’s Static Electricity!

Episode 10 – The Ninja Love Flower  is Scary! / Don’t Worry About Trifles!

Episode 11 – Mr. Koike Loves Butterflies! / A Foreign Ninja, Again!

Episode 12 – The Gift is a Strategy! / Mama is an Inventor!

Episode 13 – Shinzou’s Kid Ninja Group! / Victory or Defeat?

Episode 14 – Where is Kenichi’s Report Card? / Trace the Mystery of the Seven Wonders!

Episode 15 – Good Deeds Make You Feel Well! / Let’s Look For the Phantom Swordsmith!

Episode 16 – Who Will Be the Next Beautification Delegate? / Shishimaru is a Bird!

Episode 17 – We Also Train on Rainy Days! / The Decisive Battle Against the Giant Squid!

Episode 18 – Kiyo’s Conscience! / Kenichi is Treasure Hunting!

Episode 19 – What is a Ninja-Monja? / Shishimaru’s Diet!

Episode 20 – Let’s Beat the Kangaroo Boxer! / Shishimaru’s Pet Contest!

Episode 21 – Yumeko’s Self-defence! / Message Bamboo Pipe!

Episode 22 – Kenichi’s Scary Night! / Kenichi Shines Brightly!

Episode 23 – Let’s Sneak into the Museum! / A Mysterious Hot Spring Inn!

Episode 24 – Yumeko’s House is Far Away! / Down With the Rats in the Mitsuba’s House!

Episode 25 – Today is a Good Day for a Giant Flying Squirrel! / Kenichi’s Ninja Film!

Episode 26 – Mr. Koike’s Date! / A Disguised Strategy For a Date!

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