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Yo-Kai Watch Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)
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Yo-Kai Watch Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)

Anime Series Info

Name: Yo-Kai Watch

Season No: 01

Release Year: 2013

TV Channel (India): CN

Language: Hindi

Quality: 720p

Size: 150-200mb


One day while searching for bugs in the woods near the town of Springdale (Sakura New Town in Japan), a boy named Nate (Keita) comes across a peculiar capsule machine next to a sacred tree. When he opens one of the capsules up, it brings forth the Yo-kai Whisper, who gives Nate a special device known as the Yo-kai Watch. Using this, Nate is able to identify and see various different Yo-kai that are haunting people and causing mischief.

Yo-Kai Watch in Hindi

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